The Evolution of Social Media


I remember when Myspace first came out.  It was the latest fad, create a profile, add friends, listen to music, post pictures, and the other various features that I can no longer remember.  But that is all that Myspace was, a fad.  Facebook pulled the rug from under Myspace’s feet.  Who even uses Myspace anymore? I had to visit their site to find out the answer to this question.  Now it looks as if Myspace is a way famous people and musicians promote themselves… not to mention the young floozies trying to be noticed by the world.  Social media is constantly evolving.

Social media connects the world’s people together in a complicated network.  What used to be seven degrees of separation is now one degree, social media.  Although, I do still like the saying “seven degrees of Kevin Bacon.”  Granted the fact that Facebook can connect a person with the 1.19 billion active monthly users, thanks MOZ.  

Social media is much more than just Facebook now.  You have other social media websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and the various blogging sites that you can find on the inter-web. The reason I say inter-web is because that is exactly what the internet is a spider web that people get trapped in.  Using social media can be a powerful tool for companies to use because of how much time people spend on the internet, especially social media.

Although, using social media can be a double edged blade. Applebee’s knows this very well.  I first realized this when I was angry with T-Mobile.  I had automatic payments set up with T-Mobile.  They thought it would be a good idea to charge my bank account $560 dollars.  Granted I was a broke college student I couldn’t afford that, nor did I have $560 in my bank account.  I called, them went into two branches, because the first one wouldn’t help me, and then I never received the money back.  They put the money on my T-Mobile account which I told them I didn’t want.  This is when I was so pissed off I decided to start telling the social media world via Facebook how much T-Mobile sucks.  Within minutes T-Mobile responded to my post, apologized, and immediately called me.  Why did they take me serious when I posted on their Facebook? Because the world could see my post!

Social media can also be a multifaceted tool that can empower and connect companies to millions, even billions of people for free.  Although, Facebook does want companies to pay for their services but you can decide how much you want to spend on Facebook advertising.  With this evolution of social media companies need to know the power of social media.   

Again thanks MOZ!


Content is Key


Every comedian has to have good content to get the attention of their audience.  Like what was said in the article by Brian Clark a comedian makes an educated guess of what their audience might find funny, tests it, and then tweaks it based on how their audience responds.  The content is key.  You can’t just have basic information you have to have valuable information that your audience can use.  Just like any healthy relationship you must have the trust of your audience.  Once your audience can trust you then everything else will follow.  If your audience can trust you then you will become an authority.  In the article by Brian Clark I loved the quote “If people think you’re important, so will Google.”  People have to trust you as a subject matter expert. 

The content applies to music as well, at least for me.  My friends and family ask me “Micah, why do you love the Grateful Dead so much?!?!” My response is simple, the Grateful Dead has innovated music as we know it today.  I don’t think they were the greatest musicians of their time, because they weren’t.  But they were doing something different in the music scene. They gained a following that has not been matched to this day, but why?  I believe the reason why was because they created a philosophy to live by and they gained the trust of their followers.  They had the content that their audience could connect to as well as other musicians and bands.  Today the voice of the Grateful Dead still echos through the music scene, and yet again I ask they the question why?  And I will yet again answer, they were looked at as authorities in the music scene.  Their music was simple yet complex. There was content in the notes played and the lyrics sang. They had the following and still have the following after the passing of Jerry Garcia.

Content is key.  Especially in digital marketing.  No one is going to listen to me why I give advice about structural engineering because I have no clue what I am talking about, nor do I have a degree to back up what I have to say about it.  My content would be weak and simple.  No one would look up to me as an authority or a subject matter expert.  I couldn’t even show even a little expertise in the subject.  Now if you were to talk to me about the evolution of music, that is a different story. 

Create good content, build trust, become an authority, and your audience will follow.


Scarlet Begonias and a touch of inbound marketing!


Hook, line, and sinker, Brian Hall got me with his introduction.  If you start your presentation about jamming out to the Grateful Dead on the way to Cape Cod with your dog you have my attention.

Throughout the years I have engulfed myself in the music scene.  I haven’t realized it but I have been using inbound marketing to promote music and find bands that I enjoy.  Inbound marketing is a powerful tool to promote music and get a band’s music into the ears of the listeners. From inbound marketing I have found what music festivals and concerts I am going to attend over the next few months.  How did I find these festivals and concerts? Simple answer Facebook.  The bands I like and enjoy listening to I like on Facebook. Since I have liked a lot of different bands I have started to get suggestions of other musicians and festivals on Facebook.

When I help promote bands I don’t just use inbound marketing to promote a band.  I will post fliers throughout town and I tell my friends about a band that is playing in town.  And of course, I use social media to promote a show.  But inbound marketing shouldn’t be the solution to marketing.  There has to be a proper marketing mix of inbound and outbound marketing.Image